Featured Author: Meet Mark Daniels

For the past 28 years, Mark Daniels has coached others on this concept - control your thoughts, control your life. Now, in his book, Coming Back Home: The True Adventure of Mark Daniels, he is teaching readers that, sometimes, in the face of failure knocking you down, all you have to do is decide to get back up one more time.

Mark Daniels loves to inspire others. He is a coach, speaker, and known for his videos on YouTube and Instagram. He has counseled hundreds of people over the course of his career, which, he shares, has been “one of the most fulfilling things” he has done in his life. His path was not without struggle, however, as he shares in his book. Mark tells us “I have failed more times than most, but for some reason I never gave up. Wanted to, many times, but somehow I got up and kept moving forward.” In his book, he shares how he found himself at the bottom of a deep pit of guilt and despair, and how he pulled himself out.

Now, Mark shares, “I live a life I never thought possible.” At 60 years old, Daniels is proud to say that his life is not over; rather, it’s just beginning. He lives with more energy, vitality, and is as full of life, then in his earlier years.

Daniels recognizes that his success has come as a result of his ability to recognize and c