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Creating with Intelligence and Craftsmanship: Meet Josh Cox, Creator of Save Point

Meet Creator Josh Cox, Founder of Bezalel Films and Creator of Save Point
Meet Creator Josh Cox, Founder of Bezalel Films and Creator of Save Point

After spending many years working in the software/tech industry, Josh Cox found his way into film and media, where he has worked for approximately seven years. This year, Josh found himself pivoting again in his own work, forming Bezalel Films, as part of facilitating the production of his latest project, Save Point with a vision to expand into additional shows and feature films in the future.

Josh shares his creative journey and his inspiration behind the upcoming series Save Point here!

As a creator, some of Josh's biggest challenges have included time, and his ADHD. Having a full-time job and a large family leaves very little time for much else. Josh shares that "[having] ADHD means I'm not naturally very good at managing the time I do have. So that's something I've had to work on a lot to be able to find time for creative projects."

While learning to balance time and career, Josh found a calling to form Bezalel Films, a Christian media production company whose goal is to produce superior quality and highly entertaining film and television content that honors and glorifies Christ. The name Bezalel comes from the Bible, Exodus 31. Bezalel was the chief craftsman in charge of building the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant. This is the first time in the Bible that someone is specifically said to be filled with Holy Spirit, and it was for the explicit purpose of doing artistic work. It is Josh's hope that Bezalel Films would be led and filled by God's Spirit to produce films with intelligence and exceptional craftsmanship.

"...and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with ability and intelligence, with knowledge and all craftsmanship, to devise artistic designs..." (vs 3-4).

Josh's current production project, Save Point, is a half-hour, family comedy series depicting a

From the Upcoming Christian Family Comedy Save Point
Save Point

video game developer's journey to discover his faith. After living his entire life as a science-loving atheist, Jason has his entire worldview challenged and changed. Now a Christian, Jason is adjusting to his new lifestyle while trying to get his family on board, especially his very resistant teenaged son.

The team recently finished filming the pilot episode of the show, which is now in post-production, and Josh hopes to begin production on 12 more episodes for season one next year. Bezalel Films has also started the process of seeking distribution and funding to cover the production of the rest of the first season.

Josh seeks to create something people would be drawn to, be entertained by, and could encourage others to dig deeper into their own faith. Josh tells us "I feel like there's a sort of spiritual apathy in western culture that has become a serious concern, both within the Church and outside it. Within the Church, more and more believers appear to be significantly lacking in Biblical literacy and understanding of theology. Likewise, a large and growing number of non-believers adopt an atheistic worldview with little to no interest in actually investigating the claims of Christianity." These concepts are discussed within the context of Save Point in a way that appeals to believers and non-believers alike.

"It is my hope that this project most benefits Christians who have become stagnant and comfortable in their spiritual maturity, and need encouragement to grow deeper in their theological knowledge and understanding of Scripture. Secondly, I think that this project could also greatly benefit non-believers who have misconceptions about Christians and what we believe."

From the Upcoming Christian Family Comedy Save Point

From the Upcoming Christian Family Comedy Save Point

Some of Josh's creative influences in film have been Christopher Nolan, Edgar Wright, and more recently, Dallas Jenkins. Also, one of the biggest creative influences in Josh's life was his high school band director, who helped him develop a strong work ethic and passion for excellence in creative work.

Josh is a family man, married for 22 years, and father of 5 children. He finds creative inspiration from his active home, and draws on his experience working in the software/tech industry. When he is not working, you can find Josh with the family, which keeps him busy with soccer, football, karate, church youth group, etc.

For those looking to work in film and/or media, Josh wants you to know that you must be prepared to work harder than everyone else. And, Josh encourages you to redefine your version of success. "Align your view of success to God's view of success, which is much different from how most people think of it. I've tried to get to a point where I don't really care how many people see my work, as long as it serves whatever purpose God has for it, that is what really matters. So do the work, and then leave the results to God."

Stay in touch and up-to-date on the latest from Bezalel Films!

And stay tuned to The Power to Pivot Podcast! Josh joins us on a future episode to share more on his creative journey and on Save Point!

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