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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Choosing Your Authenticity - Meet Neal Brownell, The Crazy Inventor

Think back for a minute. What lessons were you taught as a little kid? If you had to sum up your guidance as a child, is there an over-arching theme?

I don't know about you, but, as I get older, I seem to be led to situations that show me quite a few of my own limiting beliefs. When I stop to think about where and when those beliefs took shape, it's often when I was a kid. Something happened (good or bad). Me as my young self created a perception about the situation that I carried with me into adulthood.

For many of us, those perceptions stick with us long-term, and we end up passing them onto our kids. How many of you find yourself doing or saying or thinking something that you know was the same or similar to something one of your parents did or said?

Enter the generational curse. We hold onto perceptions that someone else passed down to us, and we think they are true for us. When we sit back and stop to think about the truth - what is really true for us as individuals, we can decide if those perceptions are real or something we adopted based on someone else's influence.

We get to make the choice!

Stay stuck in the cycle, or break it and create change for our lives?

Neal Brownell, AKA The Crazy Inventor knows all about this and shares how to break free from this generational curse through his work as an author and speaker.

"It makes no difference what the bully or your parents thinks of you," Neal says. "The only person who matters in what they think of you is YOU."

Neal was born, essentially, blind, and was misdiagnosed as being mentally slow. With five older, straight-A siblings, Neal was given messages from a very young age that he wasn't able to learn, and that he wasn't worth it. It wasn't until he got to fifth grade when one particular teacher saw how curious Neal was and started telling Neal that he was smart.

While he didn't believe her at first, she kept encouraging Neal, and when he succeeded, she reminded him, time after time, "you're smart - this proves it."

Neal grew up to be a successful inventor. Had he not been shown a different way to think about himself, that might not have happened. He is also a blogger, author, and motivational speaker, using his own story to inspire and encourage others to know that they, too, can change how they see themselves.

In his book The Doorway - to A Lifetime of Freedom, Neal is sharing stories and teaching readers how they can transform their lives and the power of thought. Through his blog and YouTube channel, Neal is sharing stories and teaching us new ways to think about the world.

"The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom was written for all those people who are carrying life-long baggage that they have accumulated from abuse, bullying, bad relationships, and other traumatic events. Using both scientific techniques and sharing deep life-altering personal experiences, The Doorway shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can easily overcome all your obstacles, whatever they may be, so you can achieve your life-long dreams." - Neal's website

I had the opportunity to read The Doorway a few months back and was instantly inspired and moved by the stories that are shared. It helped me question how I spoke to myself. It helped me realize that I didn't have to keep repeating the same cycle of negative thoughts. In the end, those thoughts weren't benefitting me. They were holding me back. I just needed a way to fix it. I didn't realize my own power to do that.

You can reshape your thoughts, shifting them into alignment with your authentic self.

When you choose THAT, when you choose to pivot towards your light, you find freedom.

Do yourself a favor and order a copy of Neal's book. You will be glad if you did. I know I was.

And subscribe to his YouTube channel. And stay up to date on his blog. You will be inspired. You will be transformed. And you will be on your way to your own lifetime of personal freedom and fulfillment.

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Neal was a previous guest on The Power to Pivot Podcast. Listen as Neal shares his story here.

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