Featured Author: Meet Vernon Yarker

Vernon Yarker is the author of the exciting science fiction series, Dark Matter Transit, which tells the story about one man’s adventure as he is involuntarily transported to the spaceship QvO.

Vernon was born in Essex, England, and worked as a tractor trailer driver, later serving in the Royal Air Force, starting as a Boy Entrant trained to become a telegraphist. After traveling the world with the Royal Air Force, Vernon came back to England to begin his writing career at the age of 83. The first two books of Dark Matter Transit are already published, with book number 3 coming in 2021 (COVID-permitting).

Vernon tells us that he always had aspirations of becoming an author, but never found the time. Now, he looks back, and encourages aspiring authors to go for it. The biggest challenge, for him, has been writing a word count that he felt would give readers a well-rounded story. He set the goal at, approximately, 80,000 words, which is around 300 pages of paperback (depending on the size). He knew that he would feel cheated to buy anything less for himself, and stayed committed to his story and characters, providing a book that would satisfy readers with the plot line. “When you get to around 30,000 words you realise that you are not even halfway, but you are going to kick yourself for the rest of your life if you do not (do it)!”

A newcomer to the genre, Vernon set out to write a SciFi book that offers the reader something new, more than relying on warp drive, hyperdrive, time travel, and wormholes! He tells us “all of those methods of travel in the cosmos are subject to physical laws, thus making them impossible, and t