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Copy of Featured Author: Meet Sharron Miller

From a young age, Sharron L. Miller had a passion for stories. She spent her allowance on books, when other kids were spending money on toys or candy. At some point, though, Sharron put aside her love of language, and, as an adult, spent most of her career as a meditation teacher, energy healer, and life coach.

Eventually, though, Sharron realized that she was denying herself the joy of creativity, which she felt as a kid. Even though she had spent time journaling, this did not give her the same fulfillment as writing a story. She finally decided to allow herself to blend her love and knowledge of the metaphysical and spiritual worlds with her love of creative storytelling, and wrote her first fiction novel - The Time Has Come - which was released this year.

Sharron lives in the United Kingdom, in the Heart of the National Forest, with her husband, teenage son and crazy dachshund. She loves gardening, and spending time with her family.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time talking with Sharron on a recent episode of The Power to Pivot Podcast. We talk about why we struggle with trusting our intuition, and discuss intuitive writing as a way to channel that inner voice and message within all of us. Listen to the episode here: Talking With Author Sharron Miller

Pick up a copy of Sharron’s book Here

To your journey, march forth!

Lots of love,


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