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March Forth: The Magazine Issue #6 -Self-Compassion and Grief

March Forth: The Magazine Issue #6 -Self-Compassion and Grief

Title: Self-Compassion and Grief


The Summer 2024 issue of March Forth: The Magazine is our deepest-hitting issue yet.  We are opening an honest dialogue about grief, mental health, and human rights.  We're also diving into creativity and compassion.  It's an issue not to be missed. 


Contributing Writers:

  • Neal Brownell: Author, Scientist, Speaker
  • Vicki Paris Goodman: Author
  • Karen DeLoach: Artist and Creativity Consultant
  • Alicia Faricielli: Coach, Speaker


March Forth: The Magazine celebrates those who choose to use their voices to create positive change in the world. It’s a platform where creativity, empathy, compassion, awareness, and understanding intersect. 


For more engaging content, download the latest issue from here. Create. Share. Grow with us!

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