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March Forth: The Magazine Issue #5 From the Heart

March Forth: The Magazine Issue #5 From the Heart

TitleFrom the Heart: Lessons in Love, Overcoming Grief, and Intuition


In the Winter/Spring 2024 issue of March Forth: The Magazine, we delve into matters of the heart. From the Heart features inspiring stories that explore love, resilience, and the power of intuition. Whether you’re seeking guidance on overcoming grief or learning how to transform fear into action, this issue has something for everyone.


Contributing Authors:

  • Nick Vu: A spiritual coach and healer, Nick Vu brings his expertise in runes and tarot to help readers tap into their inner wisdom.

  • Amanda Burke Jaworski: As an author and advocate for healing from domestic abuse, Amanda shares her insights on resilience and empowerment.

  • Christine Malek: A SASSI Coach dedicated to supporting women in their recovery from abuse, Christine’s wisdom shines through her contributions.

March Forth: The Magazine celebrates those who choose to pivot in their lives, using their voices to create positive change. It’s a platform where creativity, empathy, compassion, awareness, and understanding intersect. 🌟📖

For more engaging content, download the latest issue from here. Create. Share. Grow with us!

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