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Where Lifestyle and Fashion Collide

James Wilder is stepping out of the box with a grungy style that appeals to an alternative crowd. He goes by the name Ceeno, signifying a rebirth of sorts, and he is the founder of DANK USA®. He talks with March Forth Media Company to share his company, its message, and his source of inspiration.


Baltimore native James Wilder started his company, DANK USA® back in 2015. At that time, Ceeno first started making tees with designs that he thought were cool, and started selling them on BigCartel. By the time he launched his own website in 2016, he was in love with the creative process. James shares, “just the feeling of creating something from nothing was an instant addiction... like a drug, and I was already into fashion as a teen in high school. I just combined the two and now I’m putting my ideas on pieces of fabric now.”

Dank USA brings a community vibe, and a message of hope to others. “Dank” is a universal

term for marijuana, so designs have a cannabis influence, and the artwork has a vintage style with images conveying the feeling of being under the influence.

Dank USA creates graphic tees, sweaters, sweatpants, hoodies, and bags all designed with inspirational messages to help others feel less alone in their lives.

His design ideas seem to find him, he tells us. “When looking for inspiration I ask my higher self, and it gives me everything I need to know. If you know you know.” We love the connection with his authentic side of creativity, and his intuition.

DANK USA is more than just a clothing brand. Ceeno shares that it’s more of a lifestyle and its purpose is to bring unity amongst all cultures. The ideal customer can range from hipsters, punk/emo, skaters, or people who just appreciate the art. At the center of it they share one thing in common they all luv DANK!

When not creating, Ceeno is busy educating himself on burning the herbs and educating himself on topics he’s interested in. Sometimes I honestly don’t know if I come up with the ideas or the ideas come up with me. I can be just going about my day and all of a sudden an idea comes to me. But they all revolve around my luv for DANK.

For those interested in starting a creative-based business, Ceeno shares, “my advice is to be original, stay true to yourself, accept criticism, learn from your mistakes and move at your own pace.”

Ceeno is grateful for the supporters who have been there since day one, and looks forward to the next generation of family members who join the community. He shares “they can always come to Dank USA if they need a home. Much luv to the universe and it’s scholars!”

With the new Starbound collection, Ceeno strives to step outside of the box. Starbound presents a grungy outer-space theme with intricate star designs and dark extraterrestrials and an informational side of the collection. The collection signifies rebirth and continued growth, reminding others that they can be a star, too. It can apply to everyone.

Connect with Ceeno over on social media!

Instagram: @BadCeeno or @Dank.usa

Twitter @badCeeno or @dankUsa

And check out their website for some amazing fashion inspiration!


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Elizabeth A. Miles is an author, coach, entrepreneur, and founder of March Forth Media Company. She has a bachelors degree in psychology and a master’s degree in business administration. She is an expert on mindset, gaining confidence, and authenticity, helping clients confidently publish and promote their work while building a creative business they love.

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