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Finding Healing Through Grief: Meet Author Nancy Viera

Sharing her story of hope and healing, The Grief and the Happiness is now available.
Meet Author Nancy Viera

Launching her book dedicated to families of military personnel, author Nancy Viera joins us on the blog today, sharing her journey as an author, and discussing her book The Grief and the Happiness: A Memoir (available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble).


A native of Denver, Colorado, author Nancy Viera has been writing and telling stories since she was a little girl. She is loving every minute of her career as a writer, sharing her passion for language, and her story, with others.

Coming into the literary world, Nancy tells us that she, like many new authors, had to face her own fears of rejection, due, in large part, to a lack of prior training and experience in the industry. She has been able to overcome this though, watching herself progress in her writing and noticing an increase in her confidence. She shares, “I’ve only recently started to write more in-depth writings. I’ve written short poems before, and now I have expanded to short stories and my book.”

Her newest book, The Grief and The Happiness: A Memoir, Nancy tells her story of healing and strength, overcoming the sudden passing of her son’s father, who died at the age of 33 while struggling with anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Nancy was the one to break the news to their six-year-old son, and it shattered her to see his pain. Nancy found healing in feeling her way through the grief, and learning how to parent her son through his own pain.

Written as a letter to her son, Nancy addresses mental health, death, and self-love. She wants readers to find inspiration in her story. “We all go through adversity one way or another, but we can come out on this side of it stronger if we allow healing to happen.” As a voracious reader, she was inspired to tell her story, recognizing it as one that could resonate and inspire others to overcome traumas.

Nancy is inspired by authors such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Paulo Coelho, Julia Alvarez, Fredrik Backman, Isabel Allende and enjoys surrealism as much as she enjoys non-fiction.

Her advice to those looking to write a book: “Look for inspiration within. We all have a story, or many, inside of our hearts. Let the words flow. Be patient and kind with yourself throughout the journey. It's worth it.”

When she’s not writing, Nancy loves to travel, read, and enjoys hiking. She loves spending time with her son and her dog, having lively debates over different topics and exploring museums and going for long drives while listening to music. She also takes time to read as much as possible.

At March Forth Media Company, we are dedicated to sharing our story, and helping others do the same. It is through this vulnerable sharing, that we believe we can create a positive change in the world. We are excited for the release of The Grief and The Happiness: A Memoir, and are so proud of Nancy for her strength and courage to tell this story to others, and for being a voice of support for anyone who might be dealing with a similar situation.

Pick up Nancy's book The Grief and The Happiness: A Memoir, now on Amazon. Find healing through the trauma, and know that you are not alone.
The Grief and The Happiness: A Memoir

If you are dealing with a similar situation - pick up a copy of this book today.

If you are working through grief and loss - pick up a copy of this book today.

And don't forget to stay in touch with Nancy over on social media:

Instagram: Omgnancita

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