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Pivot to Your Passions: Meet the Prosperity Sisters

Created to answer questions that lead you to finding your purpose and passion while helping you create the roadmap through which to use that to your advantage while making yourself financially successful, Passion, Purpose, & Profits: An Interactive Guide to Figuring Out What The Heck You Want Out of Life is a guide to self-awareness for those looking for a new outlook on life. The book is available on Amazon, and the Prosperity Sisters, Courtney and Emily, are joining us on the blog today to share their message.


“Anyone can do whatever they set their mind to! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We love inspiring people to reach their dreams and goals!”

Courtney and Emily are sisters and best friends who found their freedom by starting an

Their new book Passion, Purpose, and Profits helps readers clarify their goals, and plan a strategy to freedom.
Meet Courtney and Emily, AKA The Prosperity Sisters!

online business. They have a vision for the world that puts family time above work, and they are on a mission to show people that it is possible to combine passions and work to create a lifestyle that offers the freedom and flexibility to stay home with the family, without worrying about time or money.

The sisters agree that there is more to life than spending time in a job you hate every day just to get by, leaving you with little or no time to enjoy friends and family. They share “life should be enjoyed and lived to the fullest, even the money-making part.” Their desires to live with passion and purpose, coupled with their desire to help others do the same became the inspiration for their book.

At the age of 12, Courtney was an aspiring entrepreneur and gymnastics coach. She had been teaching her sister Emily gymnastics for quite some time, while saving her babysitting money so that she could get Emily to a local instructor to teach her things that she could not. That instructor was so impressed with the skills Courtney taught her sister. Not only was Emily invited to join the team, but Courtney was also hired as an instructor, making $3.25 an hour. She also had aspirations of being a stay-at-home mom, like her own mom, but when she was faced with the decision of paying for daycare or figuring out how to make life work while she stayed home with the kids, Courtney spent hours researching careers that would give her the flexibility to be home while also earning a living.

Years later, Emily had worked to become the director for a competitive gymnastics team, and while she loved teaching, she was losing valuable time with her son. Her busy schedule in gymnastics meant a lot of evenings and weekends away from him. As her son approached the teen years, Emily recognized that, if she didn’t change the pace, she wouldn’t be there to help her son grow into adulthood the way she would like. She knew that if she was going to have the lifestyle she wanted, she would need to take her business online. She no longer wanted to accept the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.

The sisters decided to combine their efforts, and now refer to themselves as the Prosperity Sisters, and they want others to see that they, too, can create a lifestyle that works for them, building a business that aligns with one’s own individual dreams, not someone else’s. Their new book Passion, Purpose, & Profits: An Interactive Guide to Figuring Out What The Heck You Want Out of Life is a starting point for people to do just that. In the book, readers learn why it’s so hard to follow your passion, how to clarify your passion, and how to make money from your passion.

They want to give readers a roadmap that helps them figure out exactly what they want, and then create steps to achieve it. “We all know there is a better, easier, more enjoyable way to live but how do we get there? This book helps create a clear roadmap and get you started.”

The book is available in ebook, paperback, and audio, and the sisters share that one of their proudest accomplishments was holding their finished paperback for the very first time. They share that one of their biggest challenges was finding a topic that is relevant to others and meshes with their own interests.

For anyone looking to write a book, The Prosperity Sisters want you to “just do it! Get started and find your way...and be excited with the journey of it!”

When they aren’t writing, both love to spend time with family. They describe themselves as crafty, and they enjoy taking country drives, traveling and dancing. Emily also enjoys woodworking, quilting, and painting. Courtney enjoys her spiritual time and also loves designing for her new house.

They are inspired by books such as How to Leverage the Universe and Unlock Its Magic, The Game of Life and How to Play It, as well as anything by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Abraham Hicks. They also enjoy Think and Grow Rich, The Compound Effect, and The Prosperity Bible.

One of the biggest lessons these ladies have learned, and I agree was one of my own, is that the biggest obstacle standing between us and what we want is oftentimes us!

Don’t wait another day! Stop holding yourself back. Order your copy of Passion, Purpose, & Profits: An Interactive Guide to Figuring Out What The Heck You Want Out of Life today.

Get started on the path to finding your life’s purpose, and learn how to make yourself financially successful, too.

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