Pivot to Your Passions: Meet the Prosperity Sisters

Created to answer questions that lead you to finding your purpose and passion while helping you create the roadmap through which to use that to your advantage while making yourself financially successful, Passion, Purpose, & Profits: An Interactive Guide to Figuring Out What The Heck You Want Out of Life is a guide to self-awareness for those looking for a new outlook on life. The book is available on Amazon, and the Prosperity Sisters, Courtney and Emily, are joining us on the blog today to share their message.

“Anyone can do whatever they set their mind to! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We love inspiring people to reach their dreams and goals!”

Courtney and Emily are sisters and best friends who found their freedom by starting an

Their new book Passion, Purpose, and Profits helps readers clarify their goals, and plan a strategy to freedom.
Meet Courtney and Emily, AKA The Prosperity Sisters!

online business. They have a vision for the world that puts family time above work, and they are on a mission to show people that it is possible to combine passions and work to create a lifestyle that offers the freedom and flexibility to stay home with the family, without worrying about time or money.

The sisters agree that there is more to life than spending time in a job you hate every day just to get by, leaving you with little or no time to enjoy friends and family. They share “life should be enjoyed and lived to the fullest, even the money-making part.” Their desires to live with passion and purpose, coupled with their desire to help others do the same became the inspiration for their book.