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The Language of Your Heart: Listen to Your Inner Voice

Follow your intuition to find your purpose in life.
Follow your intuition to find your purpose in life.

Which path do you take? The one already paved or the one not-yet carved out? 🤷‍♀️

One of my favorite poems of all time is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. The poem ends with three iconic lines:

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

Clearly, we know the path Mr. Frost preferred.

The un-carved path, that one not taken, is not always an easy one to follow. Some of us have a hard time even finding it to begin with. And, let's face it. Following a path that someone else has laid out for you is easier. Predictable. You always know what to expect, at least with some degree of certainty. And know that more people have followed that path, too, makes it even more of a tempting way to go.

I think about all of the ads out there for the "proven systems" and the "guaranteed formulas" and the "magic money maker super formula extraordinaire"... (did I make that last one up?)

They all sound great. They all promise big results. I know I tried a few myself, and they didn't seem to get me where I wanted to go. So that brings me to this one question...

Is it the right one for you?

Honestly, the biggest lesson that I have learned is that the only path that matters, no matter if it is the road not taken, or the path that a million people have traveled, is the one that feels right for you. The one that feels good. The one that makes you proud that you walked.

Is it right for you?

How can one be sure?

Have you ever sat yourself down and had an amazing heart-to-heart with yourself? Sometimes you need to quiet your mind, shut everything else out and have an honest chat with yourself. Let yourself be real for a minute. What feels like the right move?

It's simple, really, but so many of us are afraid to let it in. I know I was for the longest time. I had major "hunches" that came through my intuitive "spidey senses" for a big chunk of my childhood. It was always dead on. And I didn't know it was intuition. I just knew that I could predict things like when I was getting mail. Or when it was going to rain. Or when a friend was going to call me. Or when there would be another fight at home. And I certainly knew how weird I felt for knowing those things.

Eventually, I turned that voice off. Well, I tried. It was always talking to me, I just refused to listen. My intuition tried to save my butt - all the time, really, but especially in the times when I needed that guidance the most. Those were the moments I resisted the hardest. I didn't want to know I was right. I didn't want to acknowledge the changes that needed to happen as a result of listening to that voice.

Do you know the sound and feel of your intuition? I promise you it is there and waiting to guide you to your personal freedom.

If I allowed myself to listen to my intuition, and gave myself permission to do what felt good and authentically right for me, that would mean I would need to show up in a different way in the world. It took me a long time to settle into that thought. It's scary to change. It's scary to up-level your life. And so, over time, we tune out out our intuition, and try to tell ourselves that the path that everyone takes is the safest path.

We use other people's success to validate our reasons for NOT moving forward and taking action on our own goals, even when our intuition, our inner guidance, is telling us we should.

Meanwhile, our souls are standing in the background, jumping up and down, waving furiously, like someone trying to hail a cab in New York City. That inner guidance is trying to yell and scream and do whatever it can to get our attention.

What would it take for you to trust that voice?

I know for me, the biggest strides in my career, relationships, health and wellness, have all happened when I stopped following the path that someone else put there. My moments of greatest success have come when I stepped out of the box that someone else put me in, and did things in a way that felt really good for me.

Those were also the moments that were the most fun, and the ones where I learned the most about myself and what I was capable of.

So how about you? Are you ready to learn how to trust your intuition and why it's important to release all the emotional junk so that you can get even close to that intuitive voice? Are you ready to carve your own path to personal freedom? I am offering a free masterclass to show you how you can use your intuitive guidance for your creative work. Join me on June 23rd for Unlocking Your Inner Creator: 3 Tools to Jump-Start Your Path to Personal Freedom.

This is something that I have been working on for a while now, and I am honored and excited to share it with each of you. Head on over to now to secure your seat.

I will see you in class! - Until then, to your journey, march forth!

All my love,


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