Limitless Without Labels

A little rant on why labels limit the possibilities for our lives, and for the future.

I opened my social media today to an ad for an online course. The hook line went something like this...

"Learn to sell your indie book like a professional author."


(deep breath..)

This was met with both a blank stare, a cringe, and, well, anger. Feeling a bit offended, I thought to myself, "Hey! I am an indie author...I am a professional...AND I sell books. What's wrong with this picture?" There seems to be a stigma that an independent author does not create to the same standards as an author who has been traditionally published. Is one really better, more credible, or any more valid? What is the reason behind such an us vs. them mentality?

Just a few days ago, I was talking with a client about promotions for her book, and a similar notion popped up. In a conversation about her social media marketing, she said to me “I can’t do that, I’m an indie author!”... There's that label again. There's that stigma!