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Honoring Imagination

Today on the March Forth Blog, we are offering this book recommendation for readers looking for a fun, fictional read. Introducing: Palm Circle Press Short Story Anthology 2021, a fantastic and engaging collection of stories from a talented group of writers.


There are as many inventive ways to tell a story as there are stories to tell. Lee Anderson, editor of the Palm Circle Press Short Story Anthology 2021 (now available on Amazon), encourages others to let your imagination go crazy.

“Never be boring. It’s the worst sin an artist or writer can possibly make.” - Lee Anderson

This is fantastic advice from editor Lee Anderson, who is the founder of Palm Circle Press, as well as the author of the horror novel “What Happened At Sisters Creek,” along with many other short stories for small and large publications.

His newest collection of short stories is an anthology highlighting other fantastic writers.

Palm Circle Press Short Story Anthology 2021 serves as a compelling patchwork of American culture. This is an anthology for an open-minded reader, looking for a fun, eclectic genre of stories.

The anthology is a fantastic testament to the creative process and in the power of the imagination. For the avid reader, this short story collection is sure to please.

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