Fostering Curiosity and Awareness with Alexander Odilon Ngu

“Find a real question that you would like an answer to and explore the infinitely-possible routes to solutions for that problem.” - Alexander Odilon Ngu

There are many of us who know a lot of different subjects.

Alexander Odilon Ngu describes himself as a polymath, and shares his knowledge and experience on the subject in his book Intelligent Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory (available on Amazon).
Meet Author Alexander Odilon Ngu

The benefit to this is the ability to use this varied and wide knowledge base to solve problems both simple and complex.

Looking back at history, polymaths include great scholars and thinkers, including Leonardo da Vinci, Aristotle, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Curie Copernicus, and George Washington Carver, all notable historical figures who shaped the way we look at the world. Consider the minds of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs to be contemporaries whose polymath minds have made an impact on the world today.

The term polymath is not reserved only for the old-time Renaissance man. Author Alexander Odilon Ngu shares his experience as a polymath, offering rules for how all systems work, in his new book Intelligent Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory, which is now available on Amazon. This book is for the open-minded young reader who is ready to explore the world, reframing thinking from a linear and logical sense, into one that pulls from a variety of mediums. For those looking to expand their minds and challenge their thinking to create meaningful solutions in their lives and their work, this book is for you.

Ngu brought new-age philosophy to young readers. Motivated to write a book for a younger version of himself, his goal was to create a blueprint for young minds to understand the universal nature of systems that exist in the world. With this awareness, readers gain the understanding of how to use the systems in a meaningful way, one that creates positive change for themselves and others. Written organically and from his own experience, the book tackles many of the existential questions he has contemplated since he was a child.