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Featured Author: Meet Saundra Covington

Author of OTR Wife - Holding Down the Home Front

Married life can be extremely difficult. Saundra Covington knows this well, and in her new book OTR Wife - Holding Down the Home Front, she opens her heart to her readers, sharing her vulnerability, with an important message of a couple sticking together through good times and bad.


About Saundra

Saundra Covington is a writer from Fresno, and has lived her life in the service of others. She strives to make life better for herself and the people around her. Not only is she a writer, she is also a truck driver’s wife which comes with a whole different set of responsibilities – such as managing his expenses along with her own. She is currently working from home, trying to adjust to the new normal along with living with her husband George, who has just gotten his broker’s license. Saundra is greatly involved in her community, loves travelling, and most of all, loves to help people.

About the Book

In her book OTR Wife - Holding Down the Home Front, Saundra Covington is doubling down on looking at life for what it is - a journey. The book is a journey of self-discovery, to be precise. Her story is filled with pain and loss, while, at the same time, is representative of the importance of the love and faith that exists between two partners. Using anecdotes from her own life experience, readers peek into Saundra’s journey, understanding what she went through to become the person she is today - a strong and happy woman.

Saundra wants her readers to recognize that no one can predict the future, and that living in the present moment with a smile on your face feels so much better than looking back and living with regret. Her story serves as a great lesson to anyone wanting to know what it takes to be happy in life. It takes a great deal of strength to look at how your life has unfolded, and Saundra helps the readers realize that taking that look is a lot easier when one comes to terms with the fact that some things are just out of our control.

Saundra’s advice will resonate with all those out there looking for a reason to be happy. Through her story, she reminds the reader to realize that happiness is a mindset that can be chosen, and sorrow, pain and struggle are parts of life that need to co-exist with happiness in order for us to really appreciate it. We can choose to stay happy if we do not allow our circumstances to overpower our ability to life and enjoy life. Saundra goes through a lot of rough patches, but the most consistent thing she holds onto throughout her journey with George is her willingness to live life one day at a time, with all her heart.

In the book, Saundra recalls how she met George, a meeting that was very unexpected, but felt effortless. And, while many love stories show a typical tale of two people falling in love, and end with the picture-perfect happy ending, this is not the case in OTR Wife - Holding Down the Home Front. Saundra makes the conscious effort to highlight both the ups and downs of her relationship with George, setting the story apart from others, impacting the reader through her authenticity and courage. A great example of this is shown when Saundra lost her child through miscarriage, describing the undeniable and unbearable pain. Saundra came to realize that this was not her fault, and was, in fact, outside of her control entirely. In addition, George stood beside her, helping Saundra regain her strength and faith, reaffirming his love for her.

The vulnerability on display in this story pulls the reader deep into the lives of Saundra and George, two regular people living very non-conventional lives. The reader is able to observe what happens when two people live selflessly for one another in a relationship built on trust and care. This makes OTR Wife - Holding Down the Home Front a very compelling and inspiring read.

Order your copy of OTR Wife - Holding Down the Home Front today and watch as Saundra’s life unfolds with her love George, and how their relationship becomes their own definition of perfect. Available on Amazon:


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