Featured Author: Meet Saundra Covington

Author of OTR Wife - Holding Down the Home Front

Married life can be extremely difficult. Saundra Covington knows this well, and in her new book OTR Wife - Holding Down the Home Front, she opens her heart to her readers, sharing her vulnerability, with an important message of a couple sticking together through good times and bad.

About Saundra

Saundra Covington is a writer from Fresno, and has lived her life in the service of others. She strives to make life better for herself and the people around her. Not only is she a writer, she is also a truck driver’s wife which comes with a whole different set of responsibilities – such as managing his expenses along with her own. She is currently working from home, trying to adjust to the new normal along with living with her husband George, who has just gotten his broker’s license. Saundra is greatly involved in her community, loves travelling, and most of all, loves to help people.