Featured Author: Meet Maureen Scanlon and My Dog Is My Relationship Coach

Can our pets help us to discover the power of unconditional love?

Maureen Scanlon believes they can. In her new book, My Dog Is My Relationship Coach, she sets out to show us how. As we continue with our theme of self-love this month, we are so excited to share this with you, and introduce you to Maureen.

My Dog Is My Relationship Coach highlights the unconditional love and companionship we receive from our pets to show us the way back to our hearts. Just released in January 2021, My Dog Is My Relationship Coach helps readers to see what it takes to heal from our past, while enhancing our romantic life and discovering who we are truly meant to be. Many of us get so caught up in our search for “the one” that we lose sight of our true selves, and the traits of the person we really want to share our lives with. Oftentimes, this leads us to settling for

mismatches in our love life, and keeps us feeling stuck and alone. Maureen is on a mission to help readers find a better way.

My Dog Is My Relationship Coach originated during the COVID-19 quarantine, when several friends and family members went to Maureen seeking advice on dating and relationships. She is passionate about helping others, and most of her life experience comes from her relationships, so she was the perfect person to ask. Through her book, she offers readers a similar experience, seeking to help others avoid the mistakes and pain that she felt in her own life.