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Featured Author: Meet Daniel Ortiz

Featured Author: Meet Author Daniel Ortiz

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Daniel Ortiz grew up reading and creating short stories. As a millennial who grew up in the '90s, Ortiz calls on memories of the excitement, the thrill, and horror from reading and watching The Goosebumps series as inspiration for writing his first horror/suspense genre The Inbox, now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The Inbox is an enticing, and equally thrilling journey for teen and young adult readers to enjoy. We are so excited to partner with Daniel to tell you about his book and journey as an author.

The Inbox is not a story for young children. Filled with suspense, the novel tells us about twenty-three-year-old Devon Owens, who receives an unexpected message from an online stranger that takes a drastic turn. It brings to life a nightmare Daniel had when he was seventeen years old. Ortiz writes to take readers on an adventure that will send chills up one's spine, showing readers that not everyone you meet online is whom you think they are.

When he isn’t writing, Daniel can be found reading, spending quality time with family, or drawing. He tells us that the biggest challenge for him as an author has been learning to write in a way that captivated readers. With so many wonderful and thrilling reads out there for young adults, he took the time and care to create work that stands out among the other fantastic books in the genre.

For those considering writing a novel, Ortiz encourages you to “work at your own pace and trust the process.” He also encourages future-authors to read as much as possible to keep your brain flowing.

Daniel is so excited to share The Inbox with the world, which is now available in most retail stores. We are so excited about this book and can’t wait for part two to be released soon.

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