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Featured Author: Meet Claudia Jaramillo

When asked by her daughter if there was a princess from Columbia, Claudia Jaramillo told her that there was not but she would create one just for her. Claudia did exactly that when she created a fairy tale like no other before. No damsels in distress here. Her story teaches adults, and children alike, that even in the most trying times of your life that you can make a big difference by just being yourself, never giving up, and leading by example.

In Claudia’s book, the King’s Dahlia, you will accompany King Carlos and Dahlia on their magical journey of self-discovery and empowerment where Dahlia helps King Carlos defeat his enemies and restore his Kingdom.

Claudia Jaramillo is the author and creator of The King’s Dahlia. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in criminology, investigations, and a secondary degree in paralegal studies. She dedicates her free time to her family and her writing. She strives to create entertaining stories with a message that empowers the imagination to run wild. She has a strong belief that the world is limitless and so are we and feels books are living proof of just that.

She can be contacted via web page, here

Instagram: Here

Email: here

You can get her book from Amazon here

You can also get her book at Cafevida in Deerfield Beach, FL

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